Jobs Affect Our Communities

Jobs Affect Our Communities

Employment, unemployment, and "under-employment" mean the difference between economic growth and sluggishness.
Unemployment affects consumers in many ways which can include a lack of desire or ability to make purchases. Business owners "do affect" the local economy by hiring additional workers in response to consumer's desire to purchase products and services.

Creating secure, well-paying, "job opportunities" opens the door for previously unemployed or under-employed workers to increase their quality of life by providing more disposable income once their initial financial obligations are met. Well-paying jobs lead to a "higher rate of consumer spending", benefiting businesses while supporting our Military, Fireman, Police, roads, infrastructure, education, Science/Medical research, retirees, veterans, lowering national debt and much more.

Hiring additional employees achieves these effects by increasing the available money added to the marketplace. This creates a healthier overall economy both locally and nationally allowing "businesses and consumers" to flourish.

For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing $1.37 is generated in other segments of our market1 which, translates into jobs created and maintained just because these secure well-paying jobs in manufacturing exist. This has a positive direct impact first on you, followed by your local communities, schools, services and overall health of our Country. The industrial revolution that gave birth to the middle class is the very foundation that provided legs to the other job segments of our market.

1 Bureau of Economic Analysis, Industry Input-Output Tables (2013).

Economic Debt

When we allow high levels of unemployment and Under-employment to exist our entire economic growth suffers.

"Debt" spirals out of control in the American economy—just as your personal debt would—if you were to lose "your" employment.

Consumers have less disposable income to devote to spending and become more focused on the bare essentials food, clothing, and shelter. Well-paying secure jobs lead to more money to support our local communities, Government, and increase spending on products and services, which in turn creates growth for companies while creating financial security for consumers. Support the American Reshoring Initiative today and create positive change in America.

For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing $1.37 is generated in other segments of our market1...

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